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Do You Know How To Celebrate National Cat Day?

Don’t forget about National Cat Day on October 29th. Get some great celebration ideas that will help you enjoy this special holiday with your kitty.

National Cat Day is quickly approaching. How are you going to celebrate? If you don’t know, we’ve got several great ideas for you in this article!

What Is National Cat Day?

National Cat Day was created by Colleen Paige, a lifestyle writer and animal lover. Since 2005, it’s been celebrated every year on October 29th.

National Cat Day serves two very important purposes:

  • This holiday raises awareness of the great need to rescue cats.
  • It also reminds cat owners to celebrate their own four-legged friends, who offer constant love and faithful friendship.

How To Celebrate National Cat Day

All cat lovers would jump at the chance to celebrate their fur babies. But what’s the best way to commemorate the day?

Keep reading if you want to find out!

Let Your Kitty Indulge In A Few Treats

Find a cat-safe recipe and make a tasty treat for your pet. Here are some feline-friendly concoctions to try:

Buy A Present For Your Cat

Show your appreciation for your furry friend by giving your cat a gift.

Check out these gift ideas:

  • Find a new toy that will keep your cat entertained.
  • Buy a comfy cat bed.
  • Set up a window perch so that your cat can look outside.
  • Purchase a cat tree for your feline friend to climb on.
  • Get a cat scratcher so that your fur ball has the freedom to scratch without wrecking your furniture. You could consider this a gift to yourself too!

Spend Extra Time With Your Cat

Shower your fur baby with extra attention on National Cat Day. You can curl up on the couch and watch a movie, read a book, or just hang out.

Your cat will love this special bonding time. As an added bonus, it will help you destress and unwind.

Share Your Cat On Social Media

Look through pictures of your cat and select the best. You could also snap a few new photos.

Then, type up a quick message that lets the world know how great your kitty is. Don’t forget to mention that it’s National Cat Day.

Post the pictures and message to social media. Be prepared to get lots of likes and comments.

Help Other Cats In Need

Sadly, many cats don’t have good homes. You can help them out by donating to an animal shelter or cat rescue group. There’s no better day to contribute to this worthy cause.

Bring A New Cat Home

If you’ve been thinking about bringing another cat home, why not take the leap on National Cat Day? Just make sure that you (and your cat) are ready for another pet before making the commitment.

National Cat Day gives you an excuse to show your cat some extra love. It also reminds us of all the homeless cats out there who need our help.

So, don’t let the day go by unnoticed. Pick one or more of the celebration ideas we’ve listed in this article and enjoy the holiday!

Photography by Brandon Griggs, Bermix Studio, Chris Abney, and Matthew Larkin on Unsplash.