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How To Get Your Cat To Exercise Enough

Want great photos of your cat? Then you need to learn some cat photography tips that will make your pictures look amazing!

Your cat is irresistibly cute. No wonder you love taking pictures of your kitty! But if you want to capture the best shots possible, you need to read the following cat photography tips.

Keep Your Camera Close By

Taking pictures of live animals is far more challenging than photographing inanimate objects that remain still. If you have any experience with taking pictures of your cat, you probably already know this.

It would be much easier if you could just ask your feline to pose. But of course, you can’t.

So, rather than setting a specific time for a photoshoot, keep your camera (or phone) on hand whenever you spend time with your cat. This will allow you to quickly grab the camera whenever your feline happens to strike an inspiring or hilarious pose.

And you never know when the opportunity to take a good action shot will arise. For example, if your cat starts playing on the cat tree, you could get some nice pictures of your pet’s playful side.

Get Down On Your Cat’s Level

Getting down on your cat’s level while taking pictures will result in clearer images of your cat. This will make it easier to see your cat in each photo. Even better, your cat’s winning personality will really shine through.

Make Sure The Lighting Is Just Right

Taking pictures at night can be tricky because the camera’s flash can make your cat’s eyes glow in the photographs. If you are determined to take photos at night anyways, you will need to invest in some equipment that prevents this eerie effect. A flashgun will do the trick.

If you don’t want to spend money on extra photography supplies, that’s okay. Just take your photos in the daytime.

When inside, make sure the room you are in has enough natural light streaming in through a window. And if you ever take outdoor photos of your cat, direct your camera towards the sun as you snap away.

It’s All About The Eyes

Of all animals, cats have some of the most beautiful eyes. Try focusing on that feature in order to produce striking photos that grab attention. This cat photography tip will make a major difference in your pictures.

Unlike other types of cameras, a phone camera makes it pretty easy to get the eyes in focus. Still, it doesn’t hurt to check before taking the picture.

And if you are taking photos from an angle, make sure the eye closest to you is in focus. Generally speaking, this looks better than focusing on the eye that’s farthest away.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more pictures you take, the better your photography skills will become. So, keep it up, and don’t let the bad pictures discourage you. Even the best photographers take countless photos before getting the perfect shot.

If you implement the cat photography tips from this article, you are likely to get some amazing pictures of your kitty, giving you a great collection to show off to all of your cat-loving friends.

Photography by Zane Lee, Scott Webb, Steffen Petermann, and Andre Fonsec on Unsplash